It’s Your Turn

What is the best Young Adult novel of all time? The Absolutely True Diary of a Part- Time Indian Harry Potter (series ) The Book Thief Advertisements

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Thursday Motivation

At the end of TODAY, what would be the one biggest thing YOU accomplished?

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Some key facts about #Youth | Interested?

Some key facts about #Youth | Interested? Find out more.

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Posted in Teenagers News

The Poor Man

Poverty is Unjust The poor man knows not how to eat with the rich man. When they eat fish, he eats the head.

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Discover what Garlic can do to Mosquitoes

Get rid of Mosquitoes: Grow some garlic in your yard There’s nothing quite as annoying as the whine of a mosquito next to your ear, and the knowledge that in a few minutes you’ll have a fresh bug bite where

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Who is a Street Kid?

The Street Child The term “Street Child” is used to refer to a group of vulnerable and marginalized children whose lives are spent either living or working on the streets. Article 27 of the Convention of the Rights of the

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